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Veterinary Dentistry

What is Veterinary Dentistry?

Our pets can be in pain with bad teeth. There are two main reasons for a vet to recommend a dental procedure under general anaesthesia at Tuggeranong Veterinary Hospital.

Periodontal Disease. Bacteria accumulates at the junction of the gum and tooth. Over time plaque, tartar and gingivitis erode the tooth ligaments and can cause tooth loss. Common signs include bad breath, loose teeth and gum recession. Under anaesthesia a vet can scale the plaque and tartar (including the tartar under the gum line) and polish the tooth.

Tooth extraction. This may be necessary due to severe periodontal disease, broken tooth, tooth root abscessation, retained milk teeth and poorly positioned teeth. Cats can suffer from a painful condition know as “resorptive lesions”.


  • TWICE weekly chewing is essential to remove plaque and slow periodontal disease. Offer cats and small dogs raw chicken necks or chicken wings. Offer larger dogs lamb flaps, lamb ribs and lamb shanks. Never offer bones that have been cut eg soup, chop or marrow bones as the sharp edge commonly breaks teeth. Beef bones are very hard and may also break teeth. Alternatives include daily raw hide chews (dried beef skin). Start pets young or offer to older pets in cut up small bite size pieces then slowly offer larger pieces over a month.

Otherwise consider brushing (it does work with some compliant pets) or special diets that need to be chewed before swallowing eg Hill's T/D.