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We are located at 5/2 Hanlon Crescent, Fadden A.C.T. 2904

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Featured Articles

We have a number of new featured articles, one of interest on chocolate toxicity for those dogs who got into the easter egg stash just recently (plus also some leftovers from mothers day- poor mum, no chocolates). In a similar vein (i.e. bad eating habits), check out the article on veterinary dentistry.

We have a number of featured articles which are of interest regarding the different hazards we have for animals over the summer in particular. During this time, snakes and grass seeds are a particular concern in Canberra, and ticks if you are heading down the coast. Also in the past few years, fleas have been an ever increasing problems (while we might like the rain in summer for the garden, unfortunately so do the fleas!)

Also check out new winter relevant articles such as one on arthritis