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We are located at 5/2 Hanlon Crescent, Fadden A.C.T. 2904

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Benjamin Black

Qualifications and Background: Graduated from The University of Queensland in 1995 plus three years further study in Surgery, Internal Medicine and Ultrasound. Worked for three years in Brisbane before moving to Canberra. Started at Tuggeranong Veterinary Hospital in 2005 and became a part owner in 2007 with Malcolm and Karen. Ben married Colleen in 1994 and has two beautiful boys born in 2004 and 2007.

Role at Tuggeranong Veterinary Hospital: Practice Surgeon and Ultrasonographer. Ben enjoys all aspects of veterinary practice but as he does all the difficult surgery, orthopaedics and ultrasound, he spends less time consulting. Over the last five years Ben has kept himself busy with 1200 ultrasonic examinations and numerous orthopedic surgeries.

Interests: When he is not repairing his house, he enjoys bushwalking, reading and playing guitar.

Pets: Bearded Dragon and two Guinea Pigs. Sadly, Molly, the legendary Golden Retriever, who used to follow Ben around work, passed away in 2011 at the ripe old age of 16 after only missing 3 meals in her life.Sadly 2012 saw Jameal (14 years, Tonkinese) and Ophelia (13 years, Siamese) pass away.

Karen Van Roy

Hi, I graduated from Melbourne University with my Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons) back in 1988. After working in Melbourne for a few years, I did the usual sojourn overseas, returning back to Canberra to work for Malcolm up at the old practice at his house. Having missed studying (go figure!), I started working for Malcolm part-time while going back to University at the ANU to acquire a degree in Asian Studies/Archaelogy, which saw me living and studying at Chiba University in Japan for a year. While having enjoyed my later-in-life (and lets face it, less stressful compared with vet science) study, I missed working full time as a vet, so when Malcolm moved down to our present location at the Fadden shops, I came on board full time.

During those early days at the new practice, I was able to complete my Masters in Veterinary Studies while working (I must have been much younger- or had more energy- I cant see myself being able to do both any more). Since then, like Ben, I became a partner back in 2007.

So, apart from working as a vet and helping to run the practice, my major loves include Travel, gardening, more Travel, reading, Travel, cooking, Travel, painting and even more Travel. In fact, I've just gotten back from 8 weeks away in India- on safari photographing all sorts of exciting animals. I even saw Snow Leopards in the wild (just didnt manage to get very close photos of them). I'm planning to make a book up of my photos from this trip so expect to see it sometime in the waiting room.  Next Trip- who knows. It's a good thing I don't have kids, right?.