Colleen Black

Colleen has a background in the private, non for profit and government sectors. In 2006 Colleen
along with Ben became a TVH Partner. Colleen’s role has developed over the years to meet
the growing demands of working on the business and in the business with respect to financial management, human resources, compliance, workplace health and safety, marketing
and social media.

Colleen contributes a broad range of skills and experience to oversee, facilitate, lead and
develop our team to deliver customer service and patient care to a high standard. Colleen has
a particular focus on industry best practice, employer of choice, capacity building, staff
development and maintaining an inclusive and healthy workplace culture. Colleen has been
instrumental in developing and implementing structures to set up team members for success in
their role.

Colleen is married to Veterinarian Ben Black and together they have two sons. Colleen enjoys
riding horses and has two of her own, an off the track thoroughbred racehorse named Ulysses,
standing at 17 hands high. Also Colleen has an Australian Whaler Mare, an historical war horse


Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)
Diploma Human Resource Management
Professional Member of Australian Human Resources Institute 

Time with TVH 16 years