Collecting a urine sample from your dog

The best time to collect a urine sample is first thing in the morning; the first urine of the day will be the ideal sample. 

Use a clean, dry container (for example a plastic take-away container) for urine collection.

Please ensure the urine sample is free of any visible contaminants (for example dirt, if your pet has stepped in it, etc). 

You would have been given a yellow-top sterile sample jar from your vet. 

Once you have collected a urine sample from your pet, transfer to the yellow-top sterile sample jar. Note the time of urine collection.

A fresh urine sample is the best. If it is going to be more than 1 hour between collecting the urine sample and  bringing the sample to the vet, then wrap the yellow-top jar in a plastic bag and keep refrigerated ( not frozen) until you can bring the sample into the vet. 

Once the vet has examined the urine sample, you will be informed of the results by phone. 

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