Prevention for paralysis ticks

We recommend having your dog on prevention against ticks at least for the warmer months of the year, even if you are not planning to take your dog down the coast, or travel to the coast yourself. 

There have been a few cases in Canberra since Sept 2017 where dogs were presented with signs of tick paralysis without a history of travel to the coast. (Ref : Sept 2017, Canberra Times; Canberra Veterinary Emergency Service) 

Prevention against ticks is much safer and is more affordable compared to having to treat tick paralysis once signs appear. 

Please talk to one of our staff if you would like advice on tick prevention.

Collie Dog Watercolour Tuggeranong Vet Hospital

If you have found a tick on your dog, please contact us to arrange an appointment for a check up, please also bring the tick in for identification. 

Signs of tick paralysis

If you suspect your dog is showing signs of tick paralysis, please contact us straight away as this could be an emergency. If this happens out of our business hours, please contact our after hours service referral.

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