Snake Bites

Eastern Brown Snakes are found in all Canberra suburbs but are particularly problematic near waterways and open paddocks. It is the second most venomous snake in the world. Dogs may be bitten when off lead on a walk or if the snake comes into a yard to search for rodents to eat. Cats are often bitten whilst hunting. Rural areas may see more Tiger Snakes which are the world’s forth most venomous.

Both snakes cause a rapid paralysis and can kill a dog within an hour. Cats can be more slowly affected and may take 24 hours to become paralysed. Some animals initially collapse and then seem to quickly recover only to relapse quickly again.

The bite site is usually never found as it is obscured by fur so the best first aid is to rush as quickly as possible to the vet. It’s best if you can call us first so we have the antivenom waiting.

Prevention is the best cure. Walk your dog on a lead and have good rodent control measures in place. Do not confront a snake, they will escape if given the opportunity.

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